Welcome to SA Hunting Experience

At SA Hunting Experience we are extremely proud of our hunting heritage, it is our passion and we would like to share our beautiful country with you. We believe in ethical hunting practises and we will go out of our way to help you to realise your African SA Hunting Experience dream.

We will ensure that from picking you up at the airport, helping you to get your firearms permits, travelling to the hunting destination, settling you in your accomodation, preparing you for the hunt, the hunting, the preperation of your trophies, the food you are served and the evenings around the campfire, where hunting stories are shared and friendships are forged, will all be done in a true South African way. It will be our joy to help you build memorable experiences in the African hunting fields. Your family is most welcome to join you in a memorable hunt.

Our values

  • We believe hunting must be done in an ethical sustainable manner.
  • We hunt on free ranging fenced properties in the Limpopo province, where animals feed, breed and fend for themselves without human intervention.
  • We do not participate in the shooting of captive bred animals or put and take animals.
  • We do not hunt to kill, we kill because we hunt.
  • We will strive to find you the best possible trophy. Your trophy must bring back all the wonderful memories of the hunt.
  • We guarantee that all the animals on our price-list are available on the hunting concession.

From Tryst with Tigers by Sher Jung

"The jungle is the place to test one’s mettle and one’s skill. It is a place for personal and individual adventure. To tackle the adversary on the ground of it’s own choosing and to outwit it in it’s own game of woodcraft is the real joy and thrill of hunting. Always remember that hunting is not just killing animals, it is much more than killing; Killing is the least important part of it."



We Are proud members of CPHC-SASAHGCA logo