Dangerous game

Dangerous game hunting can be described as the thrill of Africa. It is a challenging hunt that will leave the adrenalin coursing through your veins and a lifetime of memories, you need only to look at your trophy to remember what was and will hopefully be again.

We will do our utmost to ensure that you have a memorable and ethical dangerous game hunt. By its nature and description, this activity is dangerous...we will endeavour to keep you safe. With the above in mind we do not participate in the hunting of captive bred Lions and will not arrange any Rhino hunts with a rifle, however green hunts on Rhino can be arranged under certain circumstances.

We hunt Lion in the North eastern part of South Africa, these Lions are truly wild and are wild born.

It is recommended that you practice with the exact firearm you will be using; keeping in mind that 375 H&H is the minimum calibre for dangerous game. Whether you use a bolt action or double ensure that you understand its functionality and peculiarities. It is not advisable to find your rifle has problems when an angry buff is nearby or in the sights.


Cape buffalo—Cyncerus caffer

RW 45", SCI 100pts. Weight - Male 750-820 kg. Female 680-750 kg.
Age ± 23 yrs.


Elephant—Loxadonta africana Cites I

RW 80lb. SCI 100pts. Weight - Male 5500-6000 kg. Female 3600-4000 kg.
Age ± 65yrs


Hippopotamus—Hippopotamus amphibius

RW 29⅞", SCI 100pts. Weight - Male 750-820 kg. Female 680-750 kg.
Age ± 39 yrs.


Leopard—Panthera pardus Cites II

RW 15⅜", SCI 114pts. Weight - Male 20-82 kg. Female 17-35 kg.
Age ± 20 yrs.


Lion—Panthera leo Cites II

RW 24", SCI 23 pts. Weight - Male 180-240 kg. Female 120-180 kg.
Age ± 20 yrs.

We do not participate in the hunting of captive bred Lions.

White Rhino

White Rhino—Ceratotherium simum Cites II

RW 28", SCI 70 pts. Weight - Male 2000-2300 kg. Female 1400-1600 kg.
Age ± 45yrs.

We can sometimes arrange green hunts on White Rhinos (very strict conditions apply)

Black Rhino

Black Rhino Diceros bicornis Cites I - Not to be hunted.

RW 24", SCI 56 pts. Weight - Male 730-970 kg. Female 760-1000 kg.
Age ± 40 yrs.


We are proud members of PHASASAHGCA