We do most of our plains game hunts in the Limpopo Province. While we hunt all year round in exempted game areas, we recommend the best times as April to August. Good reserve management practices in RSA ensure there is always an abundance of plains game. Hunting serves as an important tool in conservation as it ensures a constant flow of funding for this sector. Hunting plains game is a very good introduction to hunting in RSA as it prepares you for what is to follow should you decide on the bigger game species. There is a huge variety of species in different biomes. Plains game hunting is where yo get the experience and knowledge needed to track and hunt the ever elusive DANGEROUS GAME is certainly not an experience to miss out on.

Black back jackal

Black back jackal—Canis mesomelas
Weight male 6.8-11.4kg. female 5.5-10kg.
Age ±13yrs.

Blue Wildebeest

Blue wildebeest—Connochaetes taurinus
Roland Ward 28½" SCI 70pts.
Weight male 15-21kg. female 17-25kg. Age ±10yrs

B Hayena

Brown Hayena—Connochaetes taurinus
Weight male 15-21kg. female 17-25kg.
Age ±10yrs

Burchell Zebra

Burhell zebra—Equus burchelli
Weight male 290-340kg. female 290-325kg.
Age ±35yrs


Bushbuck—Tragelaphus scriptus
Roland Ward 15" SCI 33pts.
Weight male 40-70kg. female 30-36 kg. Age 11yrs.

Bush Pig

Bushpig—Patomochoerus porcus
Roland Ward 3⅞" SCI 11 pts.
Weight male 46-82kg. female 14-17kg. Age ±20yrs.

Cacma Baboon

Cacma baboon—Papio ursinus
Weight male 27-44kg. female 17-25kg.
Age ±18yrs. Cites II


Caracal—Felis caracal
Weight male 8.6-20kg. female 4.2-14.5kg.
Age ±11yrs. Cites II

Cape Eland

Eland—Taurotragus Oryx
Roland Ward 35", SCI 77pts.
Weight male ±700kg. female ±460kg. Age 12 yrs.


Gemsbuck—Oryx gazelle
Roland Ward 40" SCI 88 pts.
Weight male ±240kg. female ±210kg. Age ±19yrs.


Giraffe—Giraffe camelopardalis
Weight male 970-1395kg.
female 700-950kg. Age ±28yrs

Greater Kudu

Greater Kudu—Tragilaphus strepsiceros
Roland Ward 53⅞" SCI 121 pts.
Weight male 190-270kg. female 120-210kg. Age ±14yrs.

Grey Duiker

Grey Duiker—Sylvicapra grimmia
Roland Ward 4½" SCI 11 pts
Weight male 15-21kg. female 17-25kg. Age ±10yrs.

Southern Impala

Impala—Aepyceros melampus
Roland Ward 23⅞" SCI 54 pts
Weight male 47-82kg female 32-52kg. Age ±12yrs.


Klipspringer—Oreotragus oreotragus
Roland Ward 4⅛" SCI 11 pts.
Weight male 9-12kg. female 11-16kg. Age ±7yrs.

Nile Crocodile

Nile crocodile—Crocodylus niloticus
Roland Ward 14' SCI 9'.
Lenght 12-15 feet Age ±75-100yrs.


Njala—Tragilaphus angassi
Roland Ward 27" SCI 63 pts.
Weight male 92-126kg. female 55-68kg. Age ±10yrs.


Roan Antelope
Weight male 10-19kg. female 10-24kg.
Age ±20yrs.


Porcupine—Hystrix africaeaustralis
Weight male 10-19kg. female 10-24kg.
Age ±20yrs.

Red Hartebeest

Red Hartebeest—Alcelaphus buselaphus
Roland Ward 23" SCI 62 pts.
Weight male 137-180kg. female 105-136kg. Age ±10yrs.


Sable Antelope
Weight male 46-79kg. female 56-80kg. Age ±25yrs.

Spotted Hyaena

Spotted Hyaena—Crocuta crocuta
Weight male 46-79kg. female 56-80kg. Age ±25yrs.


Springbuck—Antidorcas marsupialis
Roland Ward 14" SCI 30 pts.
Weight male 33-48kg. female 30-41kg. Age ±10yrs.


Steenbuck—Raphicerus campestris
Roland Ward 4½" SCI 11 pts.
Weight male 9-13kg. female 11-13kg. Age ±6yrs.

Vervet Monkey

Vervet Monkey—Cercopithecus aethiops
Weight male 3.8-8kg. female 3.4-5.2kg. Age ±12yrs. Cites II


Warthog—Phacochoerus aethiopicus
Roland Ward 13" SCI 30 pts.
Weight male 60-100kg. female 45-70kg. Age ±20yrs.


Waterbuck—Kobus elipsiprimnus
Roland Ward 28" SCI 70 pts.
Weight male 250-270kg. female 17-25kg. Age ±10yrs.


We are proud members of PHASASAHGCA