You have spent a lot of time and money planning and executing your hunt. Your memories of the hunt will forever be captured in photographs and your trophies taken on the hunt. For this reasons we recommend Andre van Rooyen Taxidermy, they are very professional in their dealings with clients and their workmanship is of a very high standard. They will treat your trophies with utmost care and make sure that you will enjoy a lifetime of the memories of your SA Hunting Experience.

All trophy shipments are handled by Emac, with who we also have a personal relationship. We have a long standing relationship with both companies and we are continuously in touch with them to ensure that your trophy export are done according to schedule. Between us and two companies, we will make sure that all the paperwork for the export of your trophies are taken care off.

Time permitting we will arrange a visit to AVR Taxidermy to meet Andre in person and to have a look at his work.

  • Trophies can be exported as raw prepared trophies or fully mounted trophies.
  • Raw prepared trophies will be send directly to your taxidermist.
  • Only 1 hunters trophies can be packed in a crate.
  • Raw prepared trophies cannot be packed with fully mounted trophies.
  • Rodents cannot be exported as raw prepared trophies.


We are proud members of PHASASAHGCA