Recommended calibers

I strongly believe that there is no such thing as the best caliber, each caliber has got a place in hunting and it is all about your preferences and ability to handle your rifle. The best caliber is still the one you are comfortable with. However we have a few suggestions to share.

Bushveld hunting

You will be shooting at relative short distances, between 50 and 150 meters. Very seldom will you shoot further than this. We will recommend a caliber with standard velocity preferably below 3000 ft/s, not smaller than a 7x57 and not bigger than a 375 H&H. High velocit rifles that are meant for long range shooting, like a 300winmag, is not suitable for close ranges.

Grassland hunting.

The distances you will be shooting can vary between 150 to 300meters. A caliber with a flat trajectory is more advisable. Depending on what you hunt, we recommend something like a 243, 6mm, 270 or 300 Win-mag, or something similar.

Dangerous game.

Any caliber bigger and including a 375 H&H will do the job. It is important to be absolutely familiar with your rifle and you must not fear it. It is better to hunt dangerous game with 375 that you know than with a 500NE that you fear. Bigger is not always better. Use the biggest caliber that you are familiar and comfortable with.


Always make use of high quality premium bonded bullets, like swift A-frame, Barnes-X or similar. It is not worth it to lose a trophy due the poor performance of a low-grade bullet. For dangerous game you will need premium bonded bullets, that will expand properly as well as monolithic solids for follow up shots. Bring enough bullets to allow for sighting in and checking your rifle. There is nothing worse than having to few bullets and then convert to other bullets while hunting and to waste valuable hunting time to re-sight your rifle. We will suggest that you bring at least 50 rounds per caliber.



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