Terms and Conditions

Our hunting rules

These hunting rules are primarily to ensure your safety and that your hunt is legal at all times.

  • For your own safety you may not be on your own in the hunting area, there are dangerous animals on the hunting area.
  • Hunting may only done a half a hour before sunrise to a half a hour after sunset.
  • We prefer to stop hunting a half a hour before sunset, if an animal is wounded there is a big chance that we might not recover it and predators might destroy your trophy.
  • When hunting you must at all times be accompanied by a professional hunter.
  • Please ensure that you are 100% sure that you are on the same target as the professional hunter, if you shoot the wrong animal, you will still be responsible for the trophy fee.
  • Please ensure that there are no other animals behind the animal that you intend to shoot, if a second animal are shot, killed or wounded and lost, you will be responsible for the trophy fee.
  • Please follow the instructions of the professional hunter, he/she is there to ensure your hunt will be enjoyable.
  • No alcohol consumption is allowed while hunting.
  • The professional hunter will have the final say whether an animal is wounded or not.
  • No loaded rifle is allowed on any vehicle, everybody must declare their rifle safe before getting in or on any vehicle.
  • Firearms must only be loaded when the professional hunter instruct you to do so.
  • Before any hunting commences, your rifle or bow will be checked on the shooting range.
  • All hunting will stop while we are following up on a wounded animal, this will not be applicable to bow hunting. A wounded animal can enter the area where you are hunting and it can endanger the lives of yourself and the follow up team.
  • Only animals on the price-list may be hunted.
  • You may only shoot after the professional hunter instructed you to do so.
  • No shooting into a herd is allowed.

No alcoholic drinks may be given to the farm personnel.

Booking a hunt with us

Your hunt will be confirmed when you have paid a deposit equal to 50% of the day fees. The balance must be paid at the latest 30 days before arrival.

All animals hunted, killed, wounded and/or lost, must be paid in full in cash before we leave the hunting concession. If the trophies are paid with traveler’s cheques, 2.5% will be added to cover for the bank charges.

All taxidermy fees must be paid directly to the taxidermy.

Our cancellation policy

It is agreed that if you cancel a trip the deposit will be forfeited. The deposit may however be utilized for another hunt, if that hunt takes place within 12 months of the original hunting dates booked by you. Prices of the season when the hunt is conducted will be applicable.

Why do we have a cancellation policy?

Once we you have booked the hunt we must pay the fees for the concession which is not refundable. When a hunt is canceled it is very difficult to get a replacement hunt, if you can arrange with another hunter to take your place we will gladly accommodate you.

We strongly advise that hunters take out a trip cancellation policy in the event of unforeseen circumstances like illness.

Our responsibilities

Besides honoring our contract with you and ensuring that you have a memorable SA Hunting Experience:

  • SA Hunting Experience will ensure that all the necessary permits are applied for and issued before your arrival.
  • SA Hunting Experience will ensure that all local and national laws and bylaws are adhered to.
  • SA Hunting Experience will not participate in any illegal activities or participate in any unethical activities, shooting of captive bred animals, partake in put and take practices.
  • As members of PHASA we will honor their published code of ethics and ethical hunting practices.
  • We guarantee that the trophy animals that appear on our price-list are available on our concessions.
  • We have written hunting rights in writing on all the properties where we hunt.
  • We will maintain our vehicles in good running condition, but cannot be held liable in case of mechanical breakdown.

Copy of our contract


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